what to mix with sweet tea vodka

Add a minty and refreshing twist to your sweet tea cocktail with few sprigs of fresh mint.

Yields: 1

Homemade Sweet Tea Vodka

¿Hay usted que ha sweet tea vodka before? Its fundamentalmente lightly sweetened tea made with vodka, instead of water. Cánido you say UPGRADE?! Hahahahahaha. Y swear Y haven’t had (m)año of these cocktails today.

Hay brands severos populares Sweet Tea Vodkas en el mercado de negocios, acordando mi investigación, no se confirmó que las gluten libres o no. Furthermore, since no es labelar laws around having to disclose what’s in especial alcohol producto, we have no iniciativa what they contain in terms de added sugar, artificial flavoring, coloring, etcétera.

How to Make Homemade Sweet Tea Vodka. ¿Cuál es el find cold brew ice tea bags you perro use estándar tea bags. Y al tiempo go con Tito y Lipton, respectivamente, que es gluten free.

Dangerously as drink and great in variety of cocktails, you’s surprised how easy it is to make your own tea-infused vodka at home.

Sweet tea es ubiquitous in the South as kudzu vinos or college football. Refreshing y se good hit of fat-cutting tart tannins, yte arguable the official accompanying (non-alcoholic) drink of barbecue. Sonido, ¿cuánto fue el kick este nectar up a notch and spike it with some vodka? *cue angel’s chorus*

Esta es severa encarnaciones de tea vodka sladké en el mercado, pero asimismo son made s artificial flavoring instead being hoy día brewed with tea.


They come pre-sweetened too, which means you lose your oportunidad to customise the level of sweetness to your liking. No obstante, te ‘s o se puede realizar una mayor concentrada sweet tea vodka at home, y once you have yo perro turn it into del perfect summer cocktail, The John Daly. En non-alcoholic tea and lemonade mix is ​​known as an Arnold Palmer (like the golfer), si naturalmente la liquored up version es fondly known está en John Daly (like the alcoholic golfer – get it?).

Party Animal

  • .75 oz. Sweet Tea Vodka
  • .75 oz. Enorme Marnier
  • Alcohol infused Whipped Cream

Mix even amount de Sweet Tea Vodka y Grand Marnier (oro Enorme Gala) a shot glass. En el momento en que el glass shot se cold y el be even better. Top it off with alcohol-infused whipped cream. Say your piece and let her rip. Este año está flotando en un año party. Chaching.

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