what drink to make with vodka

Hijo a copper mule mug (oro en highball glass) with ice. Pour 1.5 to 2 oz de vodka con ice and fill mug s calidad ginger beer (like Fever-Tree, Q Mixers, or Reed’s).

Squeeze a limo wedge over drink and garnish with lime wedge or wheel. Add a sprig of fresh mint to make it even more refreshing!

How to make en Vodka Collins

Like most highball cocktails, usted perro build en Vodka Collins in the glass! That means no requiere for dirtying en cocktail shaker. Here what to do (or jump right to the recipe):

  1. Pour the vodka, lemon juice, andsimple sirupando en glass.Add ice.
  2. Top off withsoda water.Use as muy as you’d like, and whatever fits in your glass.
  3. Garnish!Top it off with cocktail cherry and lemon wedge. ¡If you’d like, add a fun straw!

Origin of gimlet

The gimlet became habitual en 1950’s, so it’s a retro classic cocktail! La mayor appearance se actualiza en la cocktail book from 1928, solo tienes back at least that far. If you’re like me, yo me intrigued where the name came from (sonido fun cocktail names! Tom Collins, Greyhound, Salty Dog, Hanky ​​Panky…). Ámbas teorías son: en surgeon named Sir Thomas Gimlette, que sirven los ensayos para impedir scurvy, o toca la calle de un gimlet utilizado en las hojas in navy ships.

What does a vodka gimlet taste like? It’s tangy and balanced, with smoother flavor than a gin gimlet (which is more botanical and gin forward). Here son basic steps para realizar make a vodka gimlet (see the full recipe quantities below):

The best mixers for vodka

Some of best mixers for vodka are:


  • Ginger beer
  • Lemonada
  • Tónico water
  • Grapefruit juice
  • tixagb_14) tixagb_14)

    En vodka sour pertence a las familias de los cócteles. Sours are define las three parts: liquor, citrus, and sweetener. El mosto básico elabora para sour cocktail is 2 ounces spirit, ¾ ounce sour, ¾ ounce sweet. Of course, there are all suertes de variantes on the theme! El mosto tradicional de all sours are the Whisky Sour and Pisco Sour. No obstante, hay mucho más moro: no hay título de «sour». ¡Este vodka sour es muy afín a la Tequila Sour and Gin Sour! Los elementos para esta vodka sour son:

    • Vodka
    • Lemon juice
    • Lima juice (optional)
    • tixag_14) Egg white

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