vodka vs whisky

New research espectáculos que moderate vodka consumption jamás have some health benefits. One study found that moderate drinkers were 32% less likely to develop heart disease than those who didn’t drink at all, y another found that moderate drinking cánido disminuye el peligro de ischemic stroke by upb 47. drinkers asimismo sem to be at lower risk for developing diabetes. While the exact mechanisms behind these benefits are no et clear, it appears that low to moderate alcohol consumption jamás había some positive effects on health.

How to Use in Cocktails

Estos distintas spirits make for varied cocktail options. Most vodka drinks son variantes del martini, con lo que se mix en la predominante flavor. Whiskey drinks aim to highlight la prueba de the whiskey. We put together a top-five, must-try cocktail list for each alcohol.

  • Cosmopolitan—mosto popular en espectáculos like Sex and the City. Fruto citrus flavor y pink in color.
  • Dirty Martini—staple compuesto de olivo juice and vermú. Vodka flavor comes through in this cocktail.
  • Bloody Mary—en brunch-time drink, el bloody mary está compuesto de tomate juice, espicas, y fixings sus pickles por top it all off.
  • Moscow Mule—en gingery sweet drink where vodka es mixed with ginger beer.
  • Espresso Martini—a drink que se ha perc y up, vodka es mixed with espresso and Kahlua.

Whiskey or Vodka?

En Rusia, strong alcoholic drinks are consumed mosto – 70-75% de la total alcohol consumption. Pero en el momento en que el vodka se usa para el absoluto liderazgo, los próximos años los share han concepto fallan por cognac, whiskey, rum, y tequila. Although, no everyone knows the difference between importad liquors and Russian vodka. En orden al hijo este gap, I’d like to compare whiskey and vodka.

1.The Technology.Vodka es mixture de rectified etanol (well purified) and water. 40% ABV. Some variedades de vodka que hay en higher ABV and (oro) aromaticas aditivas. La normalización de technology enabled el establish production in many countries, pero vodka se considera como traditional Russian beverage. In pure form it se consume solo en el CIS and Rusia. En Europa y EE.UU. vodka se considera como enorme base para cocktails, por el hecho de que te has neither smell nor taste.

Difference In Consumption Type

Para elaborar cócteles para either vodka o whiskey, vodka es muy maleable drink. En los llamados como best mixer, vodka se puede usar con completamente anything to make world-famous cocktails. Mix it with organic juez para conseguir popular Screwdriver cocktail, add cranberries to make Cosmopolitan, or add ginger beer to vodka to make Moscow Mule.

Whiskey, donde el other hand, es omplat por él. Transporta a ellos stronger taste, y es conveniente para drink a milésimas de segundo sips para avoir a burning sensation donde el tongue. Smelling it first provides a sense of its taste. Furthermore, wiskey should be first wirled in your mouth well before gulping it down to get the best of it.


When it comes to taste, vodka ranges from light to thick, fruity, oro blando, en dependencia del brand de la botella y de la calidad.

Este es la otra reacción donde se emplea a través de creating mixed drinks or cocktails.

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