vodka sunrise

Los 3 elementos para la especial vodka sunrise tienen dentro orange juice, grenadine, and your favorite vodka. You do not want orange juice that has a lot of pulp. Usted want a smooth pulp-free orange juicio to blend with la grenadine and alcohol. Este vodka sunrise recibe is fácil y only takes a minute a mix para bien ready to enjoy esta refreshing y gorgeous drink in no time.

Para make great vodka sunrise at home, sencillamente use your favorite vodka. Tanto si tiene plain one, no posee fancy o flavored. We love the Kirkland brand at Costco, as you perro see. Otros great vodkas para emplear el mix en vodka sunrise incluye Belvedere, Grey Goose, Titos, Ketel One, Svedka, oro Absoluto. All of these vodka brands son great to add to orange juice. Por find out more check out 16 BEST VODKA BRANDS.


  1. En el líquido measuring cup, measure and mix toge the range juice and vodka. Siete aside.
  2. En el highball glass, add grenadine y el hijo de glass with ice.
  3. Pour el vodka y la orange juicio mixture slowly over el ice.
  4. Garnish (if desired), sip, and enjoy!

Nota: no stir your vodka sunrise before serving! It will regresa a pinkish hue, which defeats purpose of the beautiful sunrise presentation.

El Perfect Vodka Sunrise Recipe

En el momento en que usted desea llevar a cabo este drink en el bach para entertaining, justo mezcle el orange juice and vodka en el pitcher s ice beforehand. Pour it into glasses when you are ready to drink.

Keep grenadine donde hand and add it en el glass after you fué empleado para hacer el sunrise effect.

🛒 What do you put in Vodka Sunrise?

  • Vodka- Utilice el más destacable vodka y ha since it is the only alcohol being used. ¡Titos will make it gluten free!
  • Grenadine- This is non-alcoholic estoy syrup that’s both tart and sweet. Debes deep red color which gives many drinks en pink hue when blended. Hizo find it in año grocery store OR make your own here!
  • Orange Juice- Use año orange juice you enjoy however Y aconsejamos one that’s pulp-free! Those little «pulpies» aren’t very appealing.

Para conseguir un «sunrise» un toque de un cocktail, el trick es para su grenadine syrup FIRST a corte glass con ice. Este mix de un rango dinerante y vodka a shaker cocktail para adherirlo a top of the syrup.

Add the Grenadine

The last pour will be with the grenadine. Since this is a sweet syrupy mixer,  it is thick and heavy. Pour te slowly into as glass y también let it float to the bottom where it will settle. Estos creates resaltan llaers de colores que tiene.

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