is whiskey or vodka better for you

El arte destilación tiene long and fascinating history. Es believed to ha originated en ancient Mesopotamia, where it was used to genera perfumes and aromatics.

Las procesas se dieron a conocer antes que el viejo Greek philosopher Alexander of Aphrodisias.

Difference In Consumption Type

Para elaborar cócteles para either vodka o whiskey, vodka es muy maleable drink. En los llamados como best mixer, vodka se puede emplear con completamente anything to make world-famous cocktails. Mix it with organic juez para conseguir popular Screwdriver cocktail, add cranberries to make Cosmopolitan, or add ginger beer to vodka to make Moscow Mule.

Whiskey, donde el other hand, se llenan before it is drunk. Don el stronger cata, te sugerido te el drink en small sips y avoid a burning sensación on the tongue. Smelling it first provides a sense of its taste. Furthermore, wiskey should be first wirled in your mouth well before gulping it down to get the best of it.

Health Benefits

For mosto people, alcoholic drinks tend to do more harm than good. However, moderador drinking or having con otro drink por day of a premium alcohólico drink como vodka and whiskey jamás procede otherwise. De este modo en matter of fact, te tienes que evaluar por Science que el vodka disminuye el peligro para un heart disease, ischemic stroke, y diabetes.

Based on research, vodka ha fewer calorías y contains no sugar, haz, oro carbohydrates. Jamás jamás lesen inflammation in some viviendas.


While vodka es allí sobre subtlety, whisky boasts es flavor. It is widely considerado a sophisticated drink because of the experience. Especialistas say that drinking whiskey should begin by smelling it. Drinking whiskey is overwhelming experiencia because it tienes que powerful taste, and the first contact burns the mouth.


  • Neat—whiskey itself with no ice.
  • On The Rocks—whiskey by itself with ice.
  • Manhattan— mixed drink de vermut y orange bitters, this is iconic drink que highlights whiskey’s distinctive cata.
  • Old Fashioned—made para muddling sugar with bitters and water, adornado y una Old Fashioned with cherry and an orange slice.
  • Whiskey Sour — afín a un fashioned old with dash of lemon.

Debe cánido’t go wrong with drinking whiskey or vodka. Both of these alcoholic beverages son interesting para examinar y sugerir a plethora of drink options. However yu like to drink, estos spirits son sabored and enjoyed responsibly.

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